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If you are like me one day you looked in the mirror and said, "What happened?” “My butt is flatter, fatter, and hanging sooo low.” Add cellulite and saddlebags to the picture and it is, well - gross!

That’s when the search began for a miracle cream, diet, workout, or even surgery that would improve the appearance of my butt. I ruled out creams fairly quickly because although they do help with the appearance of my butt and thighs; they don't actually change it. Putting on cream the rest of my days isn’t exactly what I am willing to do.


Surgery sounded good too. Have you heard of the Brazilian butt lift surgery? The surgery improves the contour of the buttocks and makes it perkier. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is to remove excess skin and tightening the skin above the upper part of the buttocks which lifts the butt.

The second procedure is where they inject the buttocks with fat or use implants. The fat injection method is called the Brazilian butt lift. You get more volume and prominence along with lift. Basically the butt is reshaped.

Although that seems to be the ultimate way to go about it there are issues to be concerned with. Many patients of the surgery say the fat is reabsorbed. What does that mean? It means the look of the butt is not that much better than prior to surgery. Put a price tag of between $5,000 and $13,000 and is it really worth it?


That left diet and exercise to examine. I’m well aware that you will not achieve your ultimate body doing one without the other. Too often people will eat well and expect fat to magically melt away without giving consideration to your energy output must exceed your input if you expect to lose any weight.

On the flip side, exercising heavily and fuelling yourself on junk food will pretty much yield stagnant results. You get frustrated and end up quitting - I've seen it all before.

This DVD really brings it all together and addresses each component very well. That way, you understand why your body does certain things and it makes it that much easier to address them and get that perfect butt!

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